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About Us

About Us

Watching my wife using those round cotton pads to remove her makeup and throwing it in the bin everyday. I felt there should be another wayout for this as to lessen the wastage and use of chemicals.

Hence I set out to create the reusable, chemical free and environment friendly product; OWLSOME reusbale makeup remover pads.

These makeup remover pads are part of every girl's evening skin routine. Why not make it pocket friendly, as each pad can be used upto 300 times. Just wash the pad with warm water and soap after each use and set to dry for another use.

We have designed and manufactured these pads with such super fine and ultra soft micro denier fibers that reaches deep into the pores to remove all your makeup leaving behind a fresh and healthy feeling skin. Feels very gentle on all types of skin and even removes the stubborn waterproof mascara, kohl and eyeliner in the super-sensitive eye area.

Looking forward to reach all the makeup users as to simplify their lives and for betterment of the world by using reusable and eco-friendly products.


Products are Designed in UK & Made in India


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